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- 12 / 14 / 2022 -

Some crazy sounds on the board, there won't be an Overtime tonight due to deadlines, Kyle is trying to get the board working properly, Alex is in Tel Aviv, what it took to get there, the TSA is testing controversial facial recognition technology, Alex questions why this is such a big deal, how this is being done for domestic flights, how racism is getting digitized, San Francisco decides that killer robots aren't a good idea at the moment, Alex freezes, a call to listen to people who know what they're talking about concerning the COVID vaccine, how there's so much idiocy on both the left and the right, how it's possible to reach the same conclusions as people you normally don't trust, the absurd call to prosecute Anthony Fauci, Alex returns, Elon Musk's release of "Twitter Files" that don't reveal anything shocking, how these documents aren't being shared, Rob describes how Musk has gone "full nutcase" and sided with conspiracy theorists, a world of difference in how Jack Dorsey dealt with these issues, how to make Mastodon better and more inviting to newcomers, why it's OK to give fake info to social media sites, the "Off The Hook" Mastodon account was suspended for unknown reasons, Emmanuel has issues with the way Kyle pronounces "sysop," a call to support the station.

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December 14
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- 12 / 28 / 2022 -

More weird audio issues, Alex is in Florida this week where it's unusually cool, the show wasn't on last week and won't be on next week, there are a number of emergency fundraisers going on at the station, an alleged tradition of summing up important stories from the year that's ending and making predictions for the upcoming year, Rob focuses on the reports of the last payphone leaving Manhattan which turned out to not be entirely true, a prediction that payphones will continue to exist, how payphone photos became a tradition in the pages of 2600, Emmanuel picks the story of Elon Musk taking over Twitter as one of the most significant of the year, the rise in misinformation that has taken hold in such a short period of time, how this situation should be dealt with by the users, how this could have been a positive development, Emmanuel's prediction is for truth to be the theme as liars like George Santos gain power, Gila's perspective on the Elon Musk story, Gila predicts things will get worse, how superstars almost always let people down, Kyle's story for the year is the right to repair issue, how a right to repair bill is stagnating in New York, Kyle predicts a lack of trust and closing off of the Internet while information becomes more valuable, Alex focuses on the collapse of FTX as a story of the year, why the FTX situation should have never happened, questions about political donations that were made, Alex predicts more utility for NFTs in people's lives, a call to support WBAI.

Overtime: Discussion of the Virgil Griffith case, a warning to potential callers, reports of multiple attorneys working for a firm involved in litigation against Madison Square Garden getting ejected from various events, Emmanuel offers to attend specific shows to gather intelligence for this legal firm, Rob reveals a second story involving Radio City Music Hall which is also owned by Madison Square Garden, Gila discusses how this is much bigger than just a single show, how temper tantrums of the very rich are affecting the rest of us, how the entire discussion on facial recognition has been skipped over, trying to communicate with callers who can't hear the studio, troubleshooting with Rob, trying to remember the settings for all time, a call from Denmark, what's involved in having a trailer in Denmark, a battle of phone company recordings, Rebel's desire to get a CB radio, Emmanuel has assignments for Rebel, the breakup of the Bell System, thoughts of old operators and phone company facts, a caller shares some serious health challenges, recruiting hackers to work for evil entities, never knowing how many people are actually out there, words from a listener on why people should write articles for 2600, thoughts of Phrack, the magazine will begin its 40th year in 2023, the end of the year.

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December 28
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Off The Hook Overtime
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